Cambridge University Hare and Hounds Club (CUH&H) is CUAC’s sister club and caters for the needs of all long distance runners. CUHH is not only a cross-country club but its members also compete in all manner of races from fell-running to marathons.

Affectionately known as “The Haries”, in the spring and summer months many CUH&H athletes focus on the track and as such there are strong links between the two clubs, particularly in the run up to the Varsity Match.

Many athletes are members of both clubs and compete in cross-country for CUH&H in the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and then in middle and long distance events on the track for CUAC in the Easter term. An alternative approach favoured by middle distance athletes is to compete in cross-country for CUH&H in Michaelmas and then compete in the indoor season in Lent term for CUAC before moving onto the outdoor summer season.

Both methods are widely used as a standard approach to training for distance events: building strength and endurance over the winter and then the transition to speed-endurance in the spring and summer months.

As such, CUAC offers a discounted summer membership options to CUH&H athletes. Please see Joining CUAC for more details.