Reimbursement Claims

To claim expenses for travel to and from competitions and competition entry, please fill out the form by following the link below uploading screenshots of any receipts.

If the match is a club fixture (i.e CUAC is competing as a club) without club transport, we will pay mileage on the understanding the car is not singly occupied. We will not pay more than the cheapest mode of transport (e.g. if a train ticket is £10, we won't pay more than £10 per person), nor anything above actual costs.

CUAC will reimburse the cheaper of the two options outlined below:

1. Mileage claims at a rate 0.45p/mile, ideally we would like a full car of athletes.

2. Rail fare to and from the competition, travelling via the cheapest method possible (i.e. off-peak, on a 16-25 Young Person's Railcard).

For car mileage, we will use google maps to calculate the route from Cambridge to X.

This year, we have decided as a committee to reimburse for up to two matches in the lead up to Varsity, excluding BUCS and the Achilles* meetings, namely Kinnaird and Sward (22nd April) and the London Colleges Match (9 April).

Expenses Claim Form

*Achilles is the joined Cambridge and Oxford Athletics Club for Alumni. They organise fixtures throughout the year. For reimbursement claims for Achilles matches, please contact Peter Crawshaw.